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All of my services are designed to provide the resources people and organizations need to become more successful. Naturally, you want to know if the mental map that guides my input is congruent with yours. You can learn more about what I mean by reviewing my book. The table of contents and excerpts are available by clicking on the book's image on the left.

I provide on-site performance enhancing training workshops for organizations and businesses, as well as telephone forums for individual executives from various organizations. These workshops incorporate the Hardiness For Hard Times® approach as described in my book. One of the main advantages of small group workshops is the combination of the teaching and guiding that I provide with the unique perspective of each participant.

On Site Coaching Workshops

An introductory workshop can be an easy and cost-effective way to interest and inspire your company or organization to incorporate the strategies described in my book. The most effective format is a 30-45 minute presentation on an overview of the rationale for the basic strategies presented in my book, combined with two hours of discussion and instruction on training on a few basic skills This is often an effective means of getting to know me and how I work. I strongly recommend this as the first step in moving people closer to engaging in an ongoing process of skill development.

Then, when there is sufficient interest, the next step is to provide a series of small workshop groups (8-10 participants)that focus on mutually determined topics based upon my book. .

For more information, and to consider how I can help your organization maximize performance and minimize the erosive effects of distress, contact me by e-mail at [email protected].

Telephone Forum Coaching Workshops

For those individuals seeking these services for themselves, teleforums blend the richness of the group interactions and the perspectives from a varied backgrounds. These small workshop groups (8-10 participants) are composed of people screened by me to enhance compatibility.


Michael H. Kahn, Ph.D.
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