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Formats and Fees

Corporate Introductory Presentation and Workshop

The basic format is a 40-50-minute presentation followed by two hours of interactive teaching of selective strategies and skills. This workshop is suitable for an unlimited number of participants. The fee is $1,500.00

Core Corporate Focus Group Series

Serving as a follow up to the introductory workshop, this is a series of seven 90-minute sessions for eight to ten participants. The objectives are to acquire facility with the most essential methods as explained in my book, and to foster integration of them into one's work routine and lifestyle. Participants will use the book as a manual. To get optimal benefit, the sessions should be scheduled every two to four weeks until the series is completed.

$130 per session/person; no charge for travel.

Administrative Matters

Michael will provide: A copy of the book for each participant in the core focus group will be delivered two weeks prior to the workshop; customized materials delivered in advance to be reproduced by company for workshops.

Company will provide: appropriate meeting facility, snacks, overhead projector and screen, a flip chart on a stand, and copies of handouts for each attendee. Remit the agreed upon fee within ten days of the service.

Local (within 15 miles of Severna Park)

No additional charge for travel time

Local Intermediate (16+ miles driving)

Additional charge for travel time of $150.00

Distant (21+ miles driving or travel by commercial service)

$3,750/day plus travel expenses. Other accommodations may be arranged according to your schedule and needs.

Teleforum Small Group Coaching Workshops

All sessions are conducted via a telephone forum. Participants are responsible for acquiring the book, Mastering the CEO's Greatest Challenge, which is used as a manual. To get optimal benefit, the sessions are scheduled every two weeks until the series is completed.

$130 per session/person.


Michael H. Kahn, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 1011
Severna Park, MD 21146
(410) 353-2561
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