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Corporate Coaching Workshops

Help Your Employees To Maintain Optimal Performance

Executives and employees are valuable assets. When everyone in the organization is performing at their best, everyone benefits. Hardiness for Hard Times® coaching workshops train employees to effectively manage work pressures and personal needs to maintain optimal performance. Executives and staff will become more hardy, resilient, and flexible in their management of job stress. For a business or organization, investment in the program yields measurable results:

  • Improved employee reliability, effectiveness, and productivity
  • Greater employee satisfaction and retention
  • Decreased medical costs
  • Reduced employee absenteeism

Targeted Staff Challenges

General work stress problems

Job stress is a natural and expected part of the workplace. As employees advance in their careers, stress typically increases. Rather than teaching people to reduce stress, my approach trains them to increase their ability to effectively take on more stress. This enables them to improve their performance and advance in their career while increasing their personal satisfaction.

High functioning executives with gaps in crucial areas

Everyone has areas of strengths and limitations. People that are high performing may be unaware of gaps in their performance that affect other important areas.

Coaching can help to groom a talented manager or executive to broaden their effectiveness. The result? Not only is their personal satisfaction increased, but their enhanced performance adds value to the company.

Stress-related physical symptoms

Symptoms such as migraine headaches, high blood pressure, and digestive system difficulties are often signs of stress. Typically these occur in very high functioning, conscientious employees with an exceptional work ethic and impeccable performance.

When stress overwhelms the employee's coping skills, the result is increased physical symptoms, which can undermine performance and cause unplanned absences.

Coaching can help individuals to cope more effectively with stress for optimal work performance. With my background as a Health Psychologist, I have almost 30 years' experience working with individuals with stress-related medical symptoms to meet their goals and function at their best

Medical problems that are a source of stress

Acute or chronic medical problems place special demands on people and often detract from their ability to perform their duties. The challenge is to manage the balance between work responsibilities and personal self care. Coaching provides specialized support that can make the difference between keeping and losing a valuable employee.

My Three decades of experience as a Health Psychologist provides me with the broad expertise needed in this coaching specialty.


Coaching Workshops

As a Coach and a Clinical & Health Psychologist with 40 years of experience, I combine the powerful methods of personal coaching and small interactive groups with stress management techniques to create an approach that gets results.

I help your staff to develop a work ethic and a lifestyle that are truly synergistic. The result is a solid base of health, life satisfaction, and recovery that measurably enhances work performance.

Depending on your staff goals, coaching workshops enable them to systematically step back from their work challenges and gain insights from their colleagues in order to identify and improve:

(1)Aspects of their job where their capacity to manage stress is less than needed;

(2)Facets of their working style that they want to improve;

(3)Ways to insure that their non-work time provides the restoration needed to re-engage work reliably and effectively.

I consult with your company or organization to determine your specific needs. Then workshops are custom designed, using modules derived from my book. All initial workshops are provided on your site.

Follow-up support can be provided on site or using telephone groups for classes and forums.

Free Consultation

Contact me at 410-353-2561 or send me an e-mail message at [email protected] to arrange a brief telephone consultation to see how my services can benefit your company or organization.


Michael H. Kahn, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 1011
Severna Park, MD 21146
(410) 353-2561
[email protected]